Meet the Purveyors: Southern Fried Design Barn

When it came time to think of the holidays, we thought of gift giving. And of course, when you give someone a fabulous gift, it needs a fabulous tag (or else no one knows where it came from and we can't have Santa getting all the credit).

That's why we were delighted to include some very Southern gift tags from Southern Fried Design Barn.

In our December Batch, we included a set of 10 tags from designer Amy Kinslow, who combines her own photography of landscapes and Tennessee scenes with familiar southern phrases. (For example, Henry the horse has been a part of Amy’s family for nearly 20 years.)

Amy's love for design is only rivaled by her love for the country—especially in and around middle Tennessee. She’s combined the two at Southern Fried Design Barn, creating items like notepads, greeting cards, and gift tags that have tried and true southern sayings.

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