Meet the Purveyors: LTR Pottery

Nothing says "Santa's Got a Brand New Batch" like an ornament, right? Especially a handmade one?

That's why we turned to Larry and Tracey Rogers, of LTR Pottery, to produce a memorable keepsake that would look great on your Christmas tree, bonsai tree, or family tree (as in, you could give it to someone who misses you out of state).

What began as an anniversary present has now blossomed into a full-time hobby and part-time pursuit for Larry and Tracey Rogers. This outline of our home state was just the thing our December Batch needed!  

Be sure to check out LTR Pottery online for more images and ordering information for their handmade bowls, vases, ornaments, and other creations. Handmade in Kingston Springs, LTR Pottery creates elegant pieces that will stay in your family for years.