11 of Our Favorite Corporate Gift Notes from 2021

11 of Our Favorite Corporate Gift Notes from 2021

What to say when your gift already says it all.  

You've done the right thing. You've bought the perfect corporate gift (or if not, we can help). You're helping local businesses. You're 95% of the way to making a meaningful connection with your business gift. Now what do you say? 

When opening our personalized corporate gifts, the gift message is usually the first thing your client, employee, or coworker sees. To really make an impression, a heartfelt, concise, and eye-catching gift note goes a long way. We've lined up some of our favorite corporate gift notes from 2021, hoping to inspire your creativity and get a little nostalgic. Let's awaken your inner Shakespeare. 


Gratitude Gifts for Clients

WETA and Fred Rogers Client Thank You Note

Kate Rosenthal Gift Note with Fall Batch Box Virtual Event Gifts

Revive Health Gift NoteTraining the Street Thank You NoteThomson Reuters Gifts Sourced Local

Illinois State Museum

Watershed Gift Insert on Patterned Background

Tina Gift InsertGraphic Design Love

Compulsion Games Insert on White CrinkleIllinois State Museum Bookmark Insert

Front:Vanderbilt Map Insert Cute Graphic


Vanderbilt Map Insert QR Code

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