Meet the Purveyors: Southern Delights by Oakley

People often ask us how we find such great things to send to subscribers each month. We wish we could say we have access to some secret underworld lair of makers and bakers, but truthfully, most of them email us. 

And that was the case with Lee Oakley, who has mastered the art of the pickle (if we say so ourselves) under her brand Southern Delights by Oakley.

Can a pickle capture a particular place and time? Lee Oakley believes each jar of her southern 14-day pickles captures a story from her childhood, her life as a mom, and now, her life as an entrepreneur. Using her mother’s recipe, she and her family now bottle their unique blend of spices so you can enjoy them around your dinner table, in your lunchbox, or over the kitchen sink (how you eat them is entirely up to you).

The lucky recipients of our recent "Comfort Food" Batch now know that these pickles compliment any family dinner, holiday brunch or late night craving. A blend of spices means each pickle is infused with flavor and makes your sandwich, stuffing or spread stand out. But, honestly, they are good enough to eat alone.

So, if we've got your mouth watering, just click here to indulge your sweet tooth (and your spicy tooth) and get some of Southern Delights by Oakley's pickles for yourself.