Friday Team Update: October 2, 2020 (Video Killed the Radio Star Edition)

Friday Team Update: October 2, 2020 (Video Killed the Radio Star Edition)

In the spirit of transparency, I'll begin posting the update I send our entire staff each Friday. It's a way we're all able to stay connected and informed (and on the same page) each week. Perhaps something about this allows you as a leader or small business owner a way to stay engaged with your people.


Hey team:

I just wrapped recording my third purveyor interview in two days. As part of what we're offering a virtual conference client, I chatted with our pals Melanie Overby (Prohibition Popcorn), John Spalding (Brittle Brothers) and Eric Rion (Willa's Shortbreads). We spent 5-ish minutes talking about their product, what 2020 has been like, and what they're hopeful for.

Our event client will use these as a way to engage with their attendees remotely a bit more deeply (they're also doing a whiskey tasting) and we'll get to share them on our YouTube channel and social media, too. 

I gotta admit - they were fun to film. We've been slow to the video game but like so many other things, this pandemic has given us a chance to keep doing what we've always done (just a bit differently): tell the stories behind the products we sell. 

In fact, I enjoyed the format so much that my weekly Diary of a Small Business Owner will also be in video format every Thursday. This week, I told a story that Zatch once told me (that a customer told him in the store once) about Boston Christmas trees. 

You've also seen an increase in video on Instagram, with many of you all telling stories (thank you!). And who doesn't love the RJ and Jean Hot Sauce Review Show? (The people are demanding more!)

You can search the web for stats if you like but it will only reinforce what you already believe: video will have to be a part of our marketing and content efforts now and always. Investments and learnings we make now mean that we'll be hitting our stride while others still try to figure it out. I think we're already late to the party in many regards (which is my fault) but now it's time: we're ready for our close up.

So, what do you think? Now that we're going to be filming and sharing, what would you like to see? What short or long form video ideas do you have? I'd love to know what you think will help us stay true to our brand, tell great stories, and reach more customers. 

New Products Added This Week:
Nothing new added this week, but - DRUM ROLL - the 2020 Holiday Catalog is here! Tell your friends! Do it! Now!

Weekend Reading (from this week's blog):

What They're Saying:
"Batch offers great, quality items for good prices all in one place. And your service is always so fast and I receive the items super quick. Lastly, I love your update emails. They are always so informative, heartfelt and inspiring. Thanks to you all at Batch for helping to keep me drinking and snacking!" -Clint

Keep 'Em Coming:
A really great week of new leads coming in to our site. Folks from four different companies all reached out asking for gift ideas. Get ready for this little section of our weekly recap to grow!

What I'm Working On:
Going forward, I'll let you all in on what I'm working on. Three big picture tasks are on my plate:

  1. Beginning the process to get our alcohol retail license. This is the first, long step in an even longer paperwork journey that would give us the chance to sell and ship alcohol. If we can sell and ship directly this would take Batch to an entirely different level.
  2. Working with our two largest past clients on holiday orders.
  3. POs and more POs. Holiday POs go out to all purveyors this weekend. We're gonna need a bigger warehouse!

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to Caia, our awesome operations associate and mom-to-be!

Ok, I'm out. Go do something pumpkiny this weekend.