Leave the Fruit Basket - Gift THIS Instead

Leave the Fruit Basket - Gift THIS Instead

Corporate gifts can be meaningful, personal, AND easy. We're taking on Big Fruit Basket on behalf of small businesses across the country. 

We spend a lot of time thinking about great gift ideas. One of the popular names that comes up around the water cooler is Edible Arrangements, a nation-wide supplier of "fresh" floral bouquets made entirely out of fruit and chocolate. While we can appreciate the convenience of this pseudo-healthy gifting option, frankly, there's better ways to show gratitude around the office. There's no reason you should have to water down your gift for the sake of time. 

Take a look at Edible Arrangements's most lavish behemoth: The Incredible Edibles™ Chocolate Spectacular.  The "Fruit Experts®" (why is that a registered trademark?) really outdid themselves on this one. Even though this gaggle of cantaloupe, chocolate, and fruit wedges would be enough to share at the office holiday party, blink twice and it'll be a soggy mess, dripping all over your breakroom. Did we mention, it's gonna run you a whopping $2,000?!?

Edible Arrangments Chocolate Spectacular 

We don't know who first invented the term "Cantaloupe Balls", but yikesCantaloupes are not even among Millennials top 20 most popular fruits, so you better hope your senior staff skipped breakfast.

Instead of using "Fruit Experts®," let our gift experts (trademark pending) create a gift that everyone will love. We can help you easily please 200 people and make a difference with your purchase. Each product in our curated batches is sourced from a small, often family-owned, business, and it's every bit as easy as shopping with the big guys. By shopping with Batch, our corporate clients have made the decision to help out hundreds of small businesses across the country. Try some of these best-sellers instead:

The Coffee Collection

The Coffee Collection Gift Box

[$95 + customize your own label]

Bourbon Gift Set

Batch Bourbon Gift Set

[$95 + add branded gift wrap] 

Create Your Own! 


Create Your Own Custom Gift

[Select from hundreds of quality local gifts, or let us help!]

Did we mention that we can substitute products in specific gifts to accommodate specific recipients' dietary preferences (read more)? Specialize. Customize. Put your name on it. We have made great corporate gifts better and easier. 

Your fruitless search for convenient, personal, and impactful business gifts is over. For help customizing your own meaningful corporate gift, get in touch with us.  

The Incredible Edibles™ Chocolate Spectacular appears courtesy of our friends at Edible Arrangements.